Increase the perceived value of your real estate and decrease your operational costs: with an app for every apartment, every property, every portfolio. 

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The problems

Interactions between owners, builders, property managers and tenants are mostly non-digitized:  

  • No digital messaging and service offerings
  • Inefficient repair & maintenance management
  • Bad documentation
  • No sustainability and smart services
  • Lack of data and analytics

The solution

ALLTHINGS | HOME enables digital communication among all parties and adds digital services in five areas:

  • Services to enhance a better life at home
  • Streamlined ticketing-system
  • Digital documentation and how-to’s
  • Sustainability-oriented services
  • Better data, extensive analytics

Modularly adaptable to your needs

Our success in numbers

... of tenants
state that an app
for their apartment
is attractive.

 ... of tenants register
three weeks.

... of tenants are willing
to pay for
value-added services.

... less phone calls
from tenants,
incident management.

Available in four plans


For mutuals, owner communities and inhabitants of one property


For project developers, contractors and small property managers


For investors and
property managers


For large investors, property managers and multipliers

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